Materials of organic origin, ZEOLITES are distinguished through their elevated and selective property of cationic exchange and have the capacity to neutralise, by keeping them internally in their own structure, leached elements such as ammonium, heavy metals and organic molecules. In addition to that, they are absorbing bad smelling gases like ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and the mercaptans – they are reducing also the emission of odours produced by biomass conversions exhausting from the cots or other similar buildings.


Furthermore, Zeolites can be of great advantage in the agricultural field, in any kind of culture, as amendment to grounds or in addition to cultivation grounds and substrates, improving the physical properties of the soil and the exploitation of the fertilizers. As result, the required quantities of synthesized fertilizers, irrigation water and finally the rate of pollution of the hydrological system; both superficial and deep.

The range of dried products is being used as absorbent and filter for industrial oils, general surface cleaning, slight abrasive and component for premixed products in the building industry (light aggregates for mortar and cement conglomerates).

The physical, chemical and functional properties as well as the application ranges are indicated in the Technical Data Sheet, which can be downloaded as PDF file together with the Safety Data Sheet:

Zeolite Technical Data Sheet

Zeolite Safety Data Sheet