Building Industry

Pumice, due to its properties of porosity and light weight, is used for construction of :

• lightened concretes
• plasters
• thermal insulation
• acoustic insulation
• construction of light items
• fume outlets
• light fillings
• biological building industry
• blocks made of volcanic lapillus
• rectangular piece for foundation


•  Pomice 2-4 IMG_0655Biological lightweight filling attic

Realization of biological foundation filling made ​​with Pumice 2-4 and natural hydraulic lime NHL 3.5 realized in Castelnuovo Rangone (MO) by the company Edilposa of Dovecote Carpineti (RE)





Pomical StrutturaleStructural lightened concrete

Tests carried out by the company Cipiccia Calcestruzzi of Narni (TR) with Pomical Structural






Light concrete

Fitness center: pumpable light concrete for rectangular pieces with Pomical







Application of transpiring and insulating light plaster based on Pumice






Pomical 1 - Pompaggio cls alleggerito a base Pomical (lungo Po Torino) Lightened concrete

Along the river Po in Turin: pumping of lightened concrete having as basis Pomical






CLS concrete light structure concrete based on lapillus

Restructuring and consolidation of old buildings with CLS light structure concrete having as basis Lapillus






Rectangular piece for foundation

Slab in construction phase with lightened concrete based on Pomical







Light constructive works

Piece of light partition in Pomice







Blocks in Volcanic Lapillus

Thermal insulation and sound-absorbing blocks in Volcanic Lapillus







IMGP1983 Cismondi Cable-stayed bridge built by Cismondi S.R.L.

Cable-stayed bridge variant of Nizza Monferrato (Asti) SP456 Turchino. The structural slab leveling on concrete blocks has been made ​​with structural concrete based Lapillus 3/1.




Green wall

Gabbioni con strato superiore in lapilloGreen wall with top layer in Lapillus










Exhibition panelsIMG_0999

Exhibition panels made by the Company Sigedil with Pumice 3-7 for the exhibition “Restructura 2012“