Green Areas

GREEN AREAS can be divided in:

• sports fields in clay and green grass, both natural and synthetic
• green car parking areas
• green roofs and hanging gardens
• ornamental meadows

The choice of the ideal substrate for construction or maintenance of one or other type of green surface is based on technical and economical considerations.

All in all, the above mentioned green areas must have some common properties because their surfaces have to contemporaneously be:

DRAINING this property is granted only through use of inert materials such as , river or quarry sand and/or gravel of different grain size and nature, placed in accordance to adequate layers. The agrarian ground has in fact enough draining properties, especially in those applications where the continuous passing of cars or people, is amassing the surface making it completely waterproof.

CARRYING: the use of the area by more or less heavy means is imposing that the surface is realized with substrates having carrying and stable properties. The ground or the common peaty potting soils don’t have these characteristics, especially during the long raining periods, when they adopt plastic and deforming properties, therefore the inert materials like sand and gravels, also in this case have to be preferred.

FRUITFUL: they have to be able to grant the presence of water, gaseous oxygen, nutritional elements and the possibility of developing organic substances. Sand and gravels don’t have this properties, which are peculiar characteristic of good grounds or peaty potting soil.

The inert volcanic materials, used with simple and adequate constructive systems are granting, contemporaneously, to the surface: DRAINING, PORTANZA and FERTILITY. Those materials (pumices, lapilli, zeolites and volcanic mixtures) have the same draining properties as those inert materials from the river or the quarry and, as the last, are able to grant carrying and stability to continuous passing of cars or people. Furthermore, due to their peculiar properties, or better due to the internal porosity of volcanic material, are constituting a fruitful substrate. The porosity of the material is granting an adequate capacity of water as well as the nutritional elements retention at any time and situation, and also the gaseous oxygen, very important for the growth and development of the roots, is granted by this material.


IMG_0101 Ippodromo Trotto MIIMG_0112 Ippodromo Trotto MINew New Trotting Race Course “The Maura” in Milan

Realization of the new hippodrome “The Maura” track in Milan in Lapillus wrought.
Execution phases:
Movie 1: Preparation of the surface
Movie 2 Finishing


IMG_1395IMG_1401Shipyard of the Portello Park in Milan

Pumping in share of the Agriterram substrate based on
Pumice and Lapillus for roof garden.

Execution phases:
Movie 1

Movie 2


Square Duca D’Aosta in Milan

Mulching of planted areas in Lapillus




Pirelli skyscraper in Milano

Mulching of planted areas in Lapillus




Piazza dei Miracoli di Pisa 2Piazza dei Miracoli di Pisa

Green grass carpet realized on Vulcagarden




DSCF1510_3DSCF1520_1Headquarters Cismondi srl in Cuneo

Mulching of flowererbeds in Lapillus




porto mirabello spezia 1Porto Mirabello in La Spezia

Draining foundation for green grass carpet: Vulcamix




porto mirabello spezia 3Porto Mirabello in La Spezia

Mulching of flowererbeds in Lapillus




S.Camillo 2Church San Camillo in Milano

Realization and furnishings of the churchyard with Volcanic Lapillus

Mulching of a garden in Trento

Mulching  in Volcanic Lapillus





Pleasure ground of Mirabilandia (RA)

Car Parking in Volcanic Lapillus (about 60.000 mq)




Soccer playing field of tamped soil

Soccer field of tamped soil: Vulcaterra as foundation material

Stadio S.Paolo - NapoliSoccer Stadium San Paolo of Napoli

Mixture of volcanic and silicon sand as foundation for rooting of the green grass carpet in clods

Stadio comunale Lucca calcioFootball Stadium of  Lucca

Reinforced drainings by using Volcanic Lapillus and clodding on bed of Vulcamix




Green Parking area

Meadow used for car parking with cells of draining base in Volcanic Lapillus and seeding substrate in Vulcapark

Parcheggio Verde foto 004Parking meadow

Meadow used for car parking realized with fertile ground Vulcapark

Terme Traiano3Thermal baths of Traiano in Roma

Slight filling of the banked structure with Pumice type 3-6




Technology Park ENVI-PARK  (Torino)

Green roof of approx. 20.000 sqm.: Volcanic Lapillus as draining material and Vulcaflor as fertile substrate for lawn and shrubs

Golf Club Saturnia (GR)

Green realized with Sabbia di Pomice




• Rotonda in ParmaRoundabout in Parma

Mulching of planted areas in Lapillus