Road paving

The increased interest in the environment, combined with research, development and refinement of binding materials, led to the birth of flooring ecological, technological and sustainable, made with the Lapillus in combination with a binder environmentally friendly, suitable for each type of infrastructure.

The main applications, which promote environmental protection and efficient service in the field of roads, will include:

  • cycle paths
  • forest roads and farm tracks
  • paths in parks, gardens and farm

The advantages of these floors that do not impact but enhance the environment are numerous and immediate:

  • economy
  • sustainability
  • better workability
  • high resistance (up to 20 degrees below zero) to atmospheric agents
  • draining effect
  • long life with very low maintenance costs

For more information on eco-friendly flooring you can also see the press release (in Italian) concerning the International conference on ecological flooring, which took place February 15, 2013 at Pricipina Earth (GR), organized by Vibralcementi, a Grosseto company with many years experience in this field, and Nano Sky, a German giant specializing in research and manufacture of nanotechnology for the environment and the subject of eco-sustainable flooring:

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