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Pumice Quarry – Loc. Poggio Nardeci, Pitigliano (GR)

EUROPOMICE S.r.l. is a mining company that, through the conscious exploitation of its mineral resources, over the years has gained a leading position in the production and marketing of inert volcanic materials, such as PUMICE, LAPILLUS, ZEOLITE and VOLCANIC MIXTURES, which meet the needs of the following sectors: nursery gardening, technical green spaces, the building industry and is also active in the market of flux minerals for the ceramic industry.

The Company started its activity of extraction and production of inert volcanic materials at the end of the 1980s, by taking over and improving some existing production units in the area on the border between the Tuscany and Lazio Regions, in the area around Lake Bolsena.

Today Europomice carries out its extraction activity and preparation of finished products and different mixtures in several QUARRY SITES, which are:

– for PUMICE in Tuscany, Pitigliano (GR) in the location of “Poggio Nardeci” and in Lazio, Tessennano (VT) in the location of “Riserva Muraccio” and Arlena di Castro (VT)

– for LAPILLUS in Lazio, Cellere (VT) in the location of “Monte Cellere”

– for ZEOLITE in Lazio, Tessennano (VT) in the location of “Riserva Muraccio”.

Following Europomice Company profile can be downloaded as PDF file:
Europomice Company Profile

CIMG0044 Ris. Muraccio no data

Pumice and Zelite Quarry – Loc. Riserva Muraccio, Tessennano (VT)

CIMG0518 Poggio Nardeci

Pumice Quarry – Loc. Poggio Nardeci, Pitigliano  (GR)