Feldspar & Melting T

Feldspato 2FELDSPAR is a mineral of the group of silicate compounds present in the eruptive rocks. Feldspars are aluminium silicates of alkaline and alkaline-earthenware metals. Being they the main compound of the magmatic, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, they are part of the most important group of minerals present in the earth’s crust.

MELTING  T  is a naturally expanded alveolar magmatic cell mineral: essentially it is an eco-friendly mixture of volcanic aggregates.
MELTING T, coming from the mining activities of northern Lazio, is environmentally friendly and particularly suitable for glazed porcelain stoneware systems given its high fusibility.

The physical, chemical and functional properties as well as the application ranges of Feldspar and Melting Tare indicated in the Technical Data Sheet, which can be downloaded as PDF file together with the Safety Data Sheet:

FELDSPAR Technical Data Sheet

MELTING  T  Technical Data Sheet

FELDSPAR Safety Data Sheet

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