Pomical for Structural Use


Europomice identified in Pumice and Lapillus products able to meet the new needs of the construction industry: lightness, absence of silica free, high thermal and sound insulation, fluid retention, make these volcanic aggregates of efficient substitutes for polystyrene, expanded clays and other similar materials. Pomical for Structural Use in its two formulations 28 and 44 among other does not require machining prior to use and maintains high characteristics of pumpability and workability, even in extreme conditions.

Pomical for Structural Use 28/44 is a mixture of volcanic alveolar aggregates of remarkable lightness and high insulating power, resulting in the natural expansion of effusive magmatic minerals in granulometric curve of 3/10 mm. for the production of lightweight thermo insulating and soundproof structural concrete with low specific weight and very easy pumping. It is a non toxic product, silica free.

– Lightly structural pumpable concrete
– Thermal insulation of attics
– Internal and external base plaster for the application of floors
– Restoring, strengtening and attachment of attic with permanent stress reduction of the structure
– Restructuring of masonry and reinforced concrete to make it lighter avoiding the overloading of the bearing structure
– Undergroung insulation
– Light fillings
– Safety positioning of abandoned underground tanks
– Support and filings of cloistered vaults, arches and domes.

Using Pomical for Structural Use 28 and 44, cement, water and any additives, an optimized CONCRETE is obtained with the following proprieties:
– Lightness: dry density of less than 2.000 kg / MC
– Resistant against compression: RCK approx. between 28 and 44 N/mmq depending on cement content and water / binder ratio
– Good thermal insulation
– Good sound insulation
– Grain sizes: 3/10 mm.
– Excellent workability
– Bleeding absence
– Fire resistant
– Durability
– Ecological
– Extremly easy pumping

These products are available
– unpacked
– In bags (Big-Bags) 1,8 mc / cad. size
– In 33 liters bags packed on pallets of 55 bags on each pallet

The physical, chemical and functional properties as well as the application ranges are indicated in the following Technical Data Sheets to be downloaded as PDF files:

This mineral is a natural raw material. All data indicated above are therefore approximate and do not provide any warranty.

For more technical and sales information about this product, please send an email to info@europomice.it