Volcanic Mixtures

VulcaflorDuomo2003During the last years, Europomice has reached the position of the market leader of the volcanic materials and their mixtures. They have realized various types of volcanic substrates, convenience products of easy application, free of dangerous toxic substances and infecting seeds. These materials are particularly suitable for improvement of the physicochemical properties of the ground, vulcapark[1]DSCF0907 biswhich are forming the ideal substrate for convenient and functional constructions of any kind of plantation allowing to create a residence for green grass carpets as well as for plants of larger dimensions. They are allowing the construction of meadows used for car parking, green roofs, flower-stands, sports fields also intensely stressed and so on.

Poggibonsi 03VulcamixThe Volcanic Mixtures produced by Europomice are:

  • Vulcaflor: volcanic substrate for green roofs, urban and vertical green plants
  • Vulcagarden: volcanic substrate for gardens and sports fields
  • Vulcamix: volcanic sands for laying of grass carpets
  • Vulcapark: volcanic substrate for green parking places
  • Vulcasoil: volcanic substrate for grass carpets

For an introduction of  Volcanic Mixtures in Deutsch language you can read this Information über vulkanische Mineralsubstrate!