Volcanic substrate for gardens and sports fields


–          Parks and gardens
–          Sports fields
–          Urban arrangements
–          Management and maintenance of green plants

Volcanic substrate
, composed of a mixture of volcanic materials (sand of volcanic lapillus and sand of pumice in an adequate percentage, enriched by adding volcanic ashes) organic substances with humus (like vegetable compost material) and complex fertilizers with nitrogen in form of controlled transfer.

Vulcagarden Duomo2003

Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa

It is the ideal porous support for the erection of ornamental meadows, both by seeding or the ready ones in clods, being able to improve the physicochemical and functional properties of the ground.

Vulcagarden is a convenience product, of easy application, free of dangerous toxic substances and infecting seeds which is contributing to build intensely stressed meadows and is used to create a residence for any kind of ornamental plant.

The physical, chemical and functional properties, as well as the application ranges are indicated in the Technical Data Sheet, which can be downloaded as PDF file:

Vulcagarden Technical Data Sheet