Volcanic substrate for grass carpets

–          Grass carpets
–          Drilling (seed) purposes
–          Management and maintenance of green plants

Volcanic substrate 
composed of a mixture of volcanic materials (pumices and lapillus of which approx. 25% sand of volcanic lapillus and 75% sand of pumice), DSCF0907 bisorganic matter (blond peat with average grain size) and/or organic humidified organic matter (like vegetable compost material) and mixed fertilizers with nitrogen in the form of controlled transfer.

Vulcasoil is a convenience product, of easy application, free of dangerous toxic substances and infecting seeds replacing with excellent results siliceous sand during the treatments and charging of grass carpets (top dressing) and contributes to create grass carpets and sports fields, intensely stressed (up to 500 hours/year).

Vulcasoil is a volcanic substrate ideal for the preparation of seed bed and grass carpets in clods, for the preparation of fertile, draining and rooting layers.

The physical, chemical and functional properties, as well as the application ranges are indicated in the Technical Data Sheets, which can be downloaded as PDF files:

VULCASOIL Technical Data Sheet

Construction Plans for Sport Fields